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Lido Isle Advisors is an independent and highly specialized investment services group that provides personalized managed futures services to individual high net worth investors, institutions, registered investment advisors, and family offices. The expertise of our team is supported by our proprietary research and innovative tracking platform, which allow us to offer quality alternative investment solutions.

With over seventy years of combined investment experience, our team is focused on offering investors the highest standard of portfolio management services in selecting and structuring suitable managed futures products to meet their financial objectives.

One of the main benefits of adding managed futures to a balanced portfolio is to potentially enhance overall portfolio returns and to potentially decrease portfolio volatility.  Managed futures are a flexible investment option, as they broadly diversify across global markets.

Finding the right managed futures product can be challenging for even the most sophisticated investors.  Every investor has their own financial goals and objectives, and not all alternative investments will be suitable.  Professional and experienced alternative investment advisors can help investors find, understand, and monitor programs that are suitable to their specific needs.

We approach investing with a three-pronged process – education and feedback, portfolio analysis and design, and review and monitoring.

Our methodology focuses on our clients’ alternative investment goals.


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