Frequently Asked Questions

New Account

Who is Wedbush Securities?

Wedbush Securities is our Futures Commissions Merchant (FCM) and Custodian. A futures commission merchant is a merchant involved in the solicitation or acceptance of commodity orders for future delivery of commodities related to the futures contract market.

(From Wedbush) Founded in 1955, with financial roots dating back to 1925, Wedbush Securities is one of the largest securities firms and investment banks in the nation. We provide innovative financial solutions through our Private Client Services, Capital Markets, and Clearing & Execution divisions.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California with over 100 offices and more than 125 correspondent offices, our commitment to providing relentless, customized service is the foundation of our consistent growth. We deliver superior investment ideas and products through exceptional customer care, financial security, continuity and advanced technology.

The colleagues of Wedbush are the resources through whom we provide the finest services available in the industry. Our formula for success continues to be our commitment to an entrepreneurial culture, core values, strong operational controls, disciplined financial management and consistent profitability to protect your long-term interests.

Is my IRA accepted?

If your IRA allows for a “IRA Rollover” into a Self-Directed IRA (ie: Midland) so that you can trade options and futures then we can work with your IRA. Most IRA’s do not allow for this rollover. Some of the IRA’s we’ve worked with that do allow this are: Midland IRA (formerly Advanta IRA), Equity Trust, American Estate & Trust (UDirect), and the Millennium Trust Company.

If you have an IRA with (Scottrade, Fidelity, etc) then you have to do an “IRA Transfer” to a Self-Directed IRA.

If you have an inactive 401k plan through a former employer (cannot be active), they can do a “401k Rollover” into a new Self-Directed IRA (with Midland).

If I am Canadian, can I open an account?

We are extremely limited in doing business with Canadian citizens due to Canadian Laws. Based upon the laws of the country there are some hurdles that prevent us from opening accounts with citizens of certain countries. If you happen to also be a US citizen or have a business in the US then there are steps that we can take to work with you.

Prospective clients should give us a call and speak to our friendly staff if you have any questions. You are also invited to fill out the support form so the right specialist can get back to you as soon as possible.


Market Data is not updating

Market data not updating is most commonly an issue of your connection to the internet but could be a software or operating malfunction. Try restarting your computer and relogging into the platform.

Depending on the issue our support with specific platforms is limited and it is suggested that you contact the customer and technical support for the platform directly. We recommend you call or email their designated support centers for guided help.


I can’t execute a trade

The inability to execute a trade is most commonly an issue of your authorization in your account. Try restarting your computer and relogging into the platform. If you still have issues then we recommend contacting the platform as soon as possible.

Our support is limited with platforms but it is suggested that you contact the customer and technical support for the platform. Look up the support center contact information for your platform so you can receive the appropriate help to your issues.


Statements are incorrect

You should be receiving statements of the activity in your account from the FCM associated with your platform. If there is an issue with your statements please use our support form below or simply contact your FCM (such as Wedbush) directly.

Lido Isle Advisor’s statement support


Wedbush Portal

What is the Wedbush Client Portal?

Wedbush offers clients access to an online client portal allowing you to view your statements, positions, balances, and numerous other features (some information can be delayed). Wedbush will send your login credentials to you directly, usually with 24-48 hours of the opening of your account.

The login credentials are typically sent in an email with the subject, “Welcome to Wedbush Futures Client Center.”

Where do I find my Wedbush Account Number?

Your account number can be found in the daily and monthly statement sent by Wedbush, on the upper right corner.  The number starts with “LIA”.

If you just opened your account and have not received any statement yet, you can find your account number from one of the emails sent by us, Lido Isle Advisors, titled “About Your New Account”. We always send this email right after your account is approved.

I am having issues accessing my portal

Wedbush cannot resend the original email with your login instructions. The best way to gain access to your account if you have lost the login information is to have your credentials reset (username/password reset). Our clients use the portal located at the Wedbush Futures website. Since this is a third-party service we do not have direct access to this - but we’d still like to help you figure this out! There are a few ways to reset your login details that we recommend:

  • Use the password reset link located at their portal login.
  • Contact Wedbush Futures directly through their support email or phone number to receive help resetting your login.

How do I know what is going on with my account?

Wedbush will send you a daily account activity statement each night and another account statement at the end of the month to the email that you have on file with them. Typically they are generated 7-8pm (CST) and the emails carry the subject in this format, “Daily Statements YYYY-MM-DD (LASTNAME).” This statement will list all account activity & current liquidity.

We strongly suggest that you add the following email to your safe senders list/whitelist:

[email protected]

Wedbush Futures

Where are my funds held?

All customer funds are held with our custodian Wedbush. Wedbush is our futures commissions merchant (FCM) and is involved in the solicitation or acceptance of commodity orders for futures delivery of commodities related to the futures contract market.

Your funds are not held by Lido Isle Advisors, but are secured with Wedbush. Visit the Wedbush Futures website to learn more about them.

Are my funds mixed with other funds?

No. All funds are held in separate and segregated accounts under your name (or account) only.

Your funds are not held by Lido Isle Advisors, but are secured with Wedbush. Visit the Wedbush Futures website to learn more about them.

What is the relationship between Wedbush and Lido Isle Advisors?

Wedbush and Lido Isle Advisors are separate, but related entities. Lido Isle Advisors is a “Guaranteed Introducing Broker - or “GIB,” of Wedbush. An Introducing Broker (GIB) is an individual or organization that solicits or accepts orders to buy or sell futures contracts and commodity options but does not accept money or other assets from customers to support such orders.

IBs must carry all accounts (customer and propriety) with an FCM. An FCM is an individual or organization which does both of the following: Solicits or accepts orders to buy or sell futures contracts, options on futures, retail off-exchange forex contracts or swaps and. Accepts money or other assets from customers to support such orders.

Visit the Wedbush Futures website to learn more about them.

Tax Documents

Who will send my 1099 tax documents?

Your 1099’s will come directly from Wedbush. You may expect to receive two 1099 forms from Wedbush: 1) Activity Summary 1099 form and 2) 1099B/”Substitute 1099B” form. You must file both together!

Lido Isle Advisors does not send out or have a way to send out your 1099’s. Feel free to contact Wedbush Securities through your Client Portal if you have questions or need support.

When should I expect to receive my 1099 tax documents?

Wedbush completes the 1099 tax forms within the allotted time and will mail them to the address you have on file with your account. Check your statements to find out the exact address that the forms will be mailed to.

Feel free to contact Wedbush through your Client Portal if you have any questions or concerns.

Statement Issues

My statements are incorrect

If you believe that your statements are incorrect please feel free to contact us using the information below. We recommend that you use our support forms so the account specialist can help you with this issue as soon as possible. Use the link below to reach our support form:

Statement Support Form

How do I read my statements?

The best way to understand your statement is to read through the helpful guide provided with the opening of your account. The second, is to speak to your broker who can walk you through the statements line by line to make sure you understand the formatting.

We are working on a revamped video guide that will help you figure out the statements. Feel free to give us a call or email us if you have questions or concerns about your statements.

What is margin requirement?

The margin requirement is often called, “Maintenance” or “Maintenance Margin,” and has unique characteristics for the futures market. When trading in the futures markets the margin requirement refers to the initial deposit that must coincide with buying or selling contracts. The money that is deposited in this way is used to debit any day-to-day losses that occur.

When a futures contract is exchanged you will be required to fund the account with the margin requirement - this amount varies for each market (for example gold’s requirement could be different from crude oil). These margin requirements need to be replenished if the day to day losses exceed the amount of the initial deposit. (Sources: Investopedia, CME Group 4/2016)

Strict attention should be paid to watching your margin to make sure that it is managed appropriately. We recommend that you educate yourself and become an expert in margin requirement basics so you are better informed of the risks involved. You can learn more about margin requirements by searching for the up to date margin requirements listed by market on the CME Group website.


How do I fund my account?

When you opened your account you were provided specific account instructions for how to fund your account. Depending on your account type there are various options for funding your account in order to simplify the process for you.

We would like to help you and dissolve any issues or concerns you might have with the funding of your account. Please contact us using the support form below:

Fund Request Form

Where are my funds held?

All client funds are held at Wedbush Securities, our FCM and Custodian.

How do I add or withdraw funds from my Wedbush Account?

To deposit funds or withdraw funds from your trading account, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you shortly to process your request: Process Fund Request Form

Withdrawn funds can be sent in 3 ways: check, wire or Automated Clearing House (ACH).

A few things to keep in mind when withdrawing funds:

  • For a check option, Wedbush can only send a check to the same name and address as listed on your file at Wedbush. If you want your check to be sent to a different address, you must give Wedbush permission to change your address on file first.
  • For a wire or ACH option, you must provide us with your bank name, bank account number and wire routing number (this number can be different from the routing number on a check).
  • There will be a wire fee of $25 charged to your trading account upon withdrawal, if you choose wire option. Check and ACH option have no charge.
  • Immediate (same-day) withdrawal can only be done through wire (with a fee of $25) and request must be submitted before 1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (10:00 am Pacific Standard Time).

Reminder: Immediate (same-day) withdrawal can only be done through wire (with a fee of $25) and request must be submitted before 1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (10:00 am Pacific Standard Time).


How do I get a wire sent Same-Day?

Wedbush processes all client funds and holds all client accounts. In order to get a wire sent the same day you must follow their strict wire deadline steps below:

  • You must request your funds through Lido Isle Advisors by no later than 10am (PST) otherwise it will go out the next business day.
  • After submission, your wire will then be sent out by 12pm (PST) as long as it was received by Lido Isle Advisors by 10am (PST).
  • A confirmation will be emailed to you after the wire is sent out.

What if I want to fund with my IRA?

In order to fund with your IRA your account must have been set up as an IRA structured account. If it was not setup this was then we must restructure your account and make it so you do have the ability to fund via an IRA.

If your account was setup to allow you to fund with your IRA then we’d love to help you process this request. Use the fund support form below:

Fund Request Form

What if I want to fund using my non-retirement funds at Fidelity, Scottrade, etc?

If you have funds in a non-retirement account, you will need to initiate a wire transfer between your current account at Fidelity, Scottstrade, etc to your Wedbush Account using the wire information in your account email. For further assistance, please use our fund request support form (and select wire as your preference):

Fund Request Form

What if I want to fund using an LLC, Corporation, Trust, etc?

Please note, that if your account type was not setup this way then you must restructure your account. You must have an entity structure to fund using entity funds. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to restructure your account.

If you have setup your account this way then you can contact us using the form below to reach our account specialist:

Fund Request Form

How do I add a beneficiary to my account?

Wedbush has a unique method of adding a beneficiary that requires a set of legal documents that must be electronically signed by you. If you’d like to set this up please feel free to contact our customer support below:

[email protected]



Who do I contact with trade questions/concerns?

Speak to your broker at Lido Isle Advisors if you have any trade questions, want to put on a trade, or have concerns. You can also email us directly using the information below:

[email protected]

Who do I contact with statement/account questions or issues?

If you have any questions, issues, or concerns and want to contact us directly using our statement and account support service. Fill out the form at the link below:

Statement & Account Support Form

What is the relationship between Midland IRA and Lido Isle Advisors?

Lido Isle Advisors has no partnership or relationship with Midland other than we have a lot of mutual clients. We work with a lot of IRA’s and Midland has offered our clients some great services: with reasonable up-front fees and they allow for electronic processing of documents, all of which makes life a lot easier for our clients.

Learn more about Midland using their website to find out more about their unique IRA offerings.

Can I come in and meet you?

Lido Isle Advisors is located by the beach in sunny Newport Beach, California. If you are ever in the area or will be traveling near us, we encourage you to contact your broker here with us and arrange to stop by. We would enjoy meeting you in person and sitting down to talk.

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